Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

So I know it's a lot :-P...but I made a really cute "Red, White and Blue Breakfast" for the 4th, and just now got around to getting the pictures uploaded to share with you!

It's nothing fancy, just french toast made with french bread, some scrambled eggs, bacon, blueberry syrup and some (white) powdered sugar to top it all off...but it was fun and festive! Enjoy the pictures, and hopefully I'll actually bake/cook some more this week and have something real to share!!
yes, I dyed the scrambled eggs red ;-)

(nearly) white French toast

(kinda purple) BLUEberry syrup (see previous post about this recipe)

Red, white and blue!

and aside from looking so patriotic, it was delicious to boot!

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  1. This looks fantastic; I will have to make a gluten free version of this for my kids. Thank you for all the awesome recipes