Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall is coming! Front door decor...

Fall is almost upon us...and I'm excited! We*'ve been planning out fall crafts for weeks now, and I am SO ready to get them all going!

(*"we" meaning "me" - Lane and the boys just tag along sweetly with my crazy holiday plans!)

First up - front door decor!!

Yay Pinterest!
Cute, right?? I found this darling idea on Pinterest for Christmas (original here), and decided that I could do it at home too!!

So here it is, step-by-step instructions on how to make an adorable fall decoration for your front door that isn't a wreath!

  1. Choose your frame - it should be a nice size for your door, taking up a decent amount of space. I chose a thin frame, but a wider frame looks great too (see the original!). I found mine at a local warehouse store for a couple of dollars.
  2. Choose your ribbons - I used soft craft ribbon, but you could easily use curly gift ribbon or even yarn if you were so inclined. I chose orange, maroon, and brown. Again, warehouse store, for $1 apiece (and had TONS left over...more crafts to come!).
  3. Choose your bow - I used a few scraps that I had from other projects, but again, almost any wide ribbon would work. I used 3 ribbons (wired gold, solid orange, sheer red), tied together in a bow following Martha Stewart's favorite bow instructions.
  4. Choose your "ornaments" - for Christmas, this will be easy! For fall, I had to be a little creative. I found mine at Walmart (like these, but with pumpkins instead of acorns - mine was a smaller box found in the fall section at my store for less than $5)
  5. Put the ornaments together! Tie your ribbons to each individual ornament - vary the colors of ribbon and the lengths to achieve the look in the picture. Then, make small bows with matching ribbon and hot glue to the knot at the top of the ornament (helps the knot stay tied, and looks so cute!).
  6. Tie the ornaments to the frame. I considered hot gluing them to the frame, but decided that I might use the frame again, so opted instead to just tie them on. Double knot for sturdiness!
  7. Make your bow, then attach on top of the ribbons. I used some thin wire I had to twist through the center of the back of the bow, and twist around the frame itself. This way, I can pull the bow off easily and replace it for another holiday - or reuse the ribbons again! - without having glue ruin it.
  8. Hang the project on your front door. This could be done a number of ways, decide what works best for you and your door! For mine, I used an upside down hook on the inside of my door and tied the ribbon to both corners of the frame, then looped it up over the door. (Also found on Pinterest and originally here)

Ta-da!! Pretty fall decor, super simple, inexpensive (less than $10) and oh-so cute! The mini pumpkins just kill me!

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  1. This is an AWESOME way to dress up your door and welcome Autumn! You did a great job; and have inspired me to try it too.
    ~ Anita