Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weather or Not...Definitely Weather

Summer temperatures in Northern California rose steeply at the beginning of June. Though not a record year – yet – the 104°temperature on June 8 is getting close. Stockton residents are feeling the pressure of the heat.

Screenshot from showing the near record highs in Stockton.
The heat affects me and my family tremendously. Anything that is outdoors I have to carefully consider, not just for comfort, but also for safety.” Local photographer and mother, Christine Curry, expressed concerns about the effect that higher temperatures will have on her business and family.
“Because I’m a photographer, I have had to postpone many sessions due to the heat. I take medication that requires me to stay out of the sun, so shooting in the mid-day heat, just doesn't work. …when summer comes, my bill jumps typically by $300+ more a month. Because of the drought, my kids can't go out and play in the hose/sprinklers. So that means we all lay low inside the house.”
The Curry family aren’t the only ones hiding out inside to escape the heat. Another local mom, B.J. Mooney, explains, “I don't mind the hot weather, it's the trying not to turn on the air since it's a financial burden on me. I work so I get the nice cool air there. I turn on all the fans in the house.”
Screenshot from
10-Day forecast for Stockton - more heat means more time indoors for residents.

Financial concerns are a big deal for California residents, and the additional stress of summer heat waves sends more numbers than the thermometer upward. “Our bill can jump by $300 in the summer; we have a tri-level house. The top level will be 100° and the bottom will be 85° - so hot.” Another mom, Tina Martinez, is also dealing with the additional financial burden of the heat.
The sun scorches down on Stockton - at 103°

The extreme drought in California and the extra high temperatures are not making it easy for residents. The cost of living in California is already in the top three most expensive in the US, and additional costs due to heat and lack of water are only adding to an already bad situation.
Stockton is in the middle of a Chapter 9 bankruptcy, so there’s no real help from the government available to cut energy costs. Many residents try to update their homes in order to keep energy costs lower, and solar energy is a growing industry.
Occupants are recommended to have regular maintenance done on their AC units, run indoor fans as often as possible, and turn up their thermostats a degree or two to help bring costs down.

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