Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Summer of Food

With school only 3 days from being over for the summer (thank goodness!!), I have begun looking for projects to work on through the summer days when I have nothing to do (you know, aside from being pregnant and a mommy and sleeping as much as possible! ;-))

So I have decided to begin making delicious homemade food recipes and trying them out each week. Since I seem to be in a pretty big rut of food choices, I think this will be a good palate expander for me, as well as something fun/inexpensive to work on at home! Nothing beats homemade food right?

So keep an eye out for delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert recipes to be popping up for the next few months...If you have something you've been meaning to try and haven't done so yet, feel free to send me the link/recipe and I'll be willing to try out (most) new things!!

Here's to good eating!

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