Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Crafts with the kiddos...part 2

I mentioned earlier that we had an Apple Party yesterday to celebrate fall. In getting ready we did a bunch of apple and fall-themed crafts! You can see Part 1 here, and now we're onto Part 2! These next two crafts I did mostly on my own, with Ethan watching (and trying to snack on!) and playing nearby. Some days, craft time is just for mommy :-P

These are (of course) Pinterest inspired, and originally were found here (yarn apples) and here (tulle apples) (the tuille ones were originally pumpkins, and will be pumpkins for next month, but I modified for apple/fall time!!).

These were super easy to make, and made a cute little centerpiece for our Apple Party table.

Yarn Apples:
red yarn
base form (for mine, I used some leftover plastic mini-pumpkins from my front door project)
green pipe cleaner (not shown on mine - I ran out! So I only used them on the tulle apples)

1. Wrap the base form with the red yarn, being sure to tuck in the first end to ensure no unraveling!
2. Tie the yarn off tightly by sticking the tail end through one of the loops and securing with a small knot. (I double knotted mine - safer that way!)
3. Slip the pipe cleaner through one of the top loops of yarn, and form two small loops for leaves. Twist to keep in place.

Tulle Apples:
Red tulle
Small red candy (the original uses jelly beans, but I couldn't find any all red jelly beans, so I went with a boxed "red only" candy instead)
green pipe cleaners
brown pipe cleaners (not shown on mine, because I didn't have any on hand...I just used the top of the tuille for my "stem")

1. Cut the tulle into squares (mine were about 6in squares) - I did a double layer for each apple, but that's a personal preference.
2. Place a handful of candy into the center of the tulle square(s) and pull the tulle up around it, forming a ball (apple!).
3. Twist the brown pipe cleaner around the top of the tulle ball, securing the candy inside and forming the stem.
4. Trim any extra tulle from the top of the stem. Wrap the green pipe cleaner through the stem, and make two loops (leaves). Twist to secure.

I loved the way these turned out, even with my missing pipe cleaners! I look forward to making them over again next month with new colors!

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